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At Holy Prairie Farm, we raise quality Fullblood (100%), Purebred (94-99%) and Percentage (50-88%) Boer goats in Northwest. We carefully cull to ensure only the best traits are passed down. We do also have sheeps and other breed of goats available. Our focus is producing quality Boer goat breeding stock for Boer goat breeders and producers (hpboer .
Donkey is a cute little boy, with a nice head of hair! Hes around 5 yrs old and would love to meet you at our Orange County location! Please come to the Burrow and fill out an application in person or on-line at www. bunnybunch.org. Thank you. ... see more at Petfinder
Donkey is a lovable little boy, with a nice head of hair! He s around 5yrs old and would love to meet you at our Orange County location!
I just arrived here at Adopt & Shop, so I'm still adjusting to my new living situation. The staff & volunteers have not had a chance to get to know me yet, but please ask for more info if you are interested in making me a part of your family!...
Mr. Pigs is a sophisticated little guy with a big personality! He has a chubby face with a velvety-smooth black coat that's softer than anything you've ever touched, guaranteed! He can be hesitant with newcomers when it comes to being picked up or held, however his trust grows with every passing day. He'll be delighted to hang out with you if you get down on the floor to his level :) He is comp...
We have a number of Registered Black Angus Cows and Bulls for Sale. Check out our web siteand give us a call. We DNA test all our cattle. Right now we have an mnth old EASY CALVING bull ready for service. He has already settled a number of cows on the ranch. We also have some young bulls that have recently been weaned. Web sitearrowheadranchtn... Photos and contact details on Advertigo website....
Luke is quite a talker and is a nice resident here at Happy Trails. He wants to mind his Ps and Qs so he might be the picked for your hobby farm or backyard coop. He dreams of having his own little harem of hens to protect and love. He wouldnt m... see more at Petfinder... Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
Hank is quite the mule. He stands . hands and has the movement to be a childs dressage mule with the proper training. He floats when he trots and his canter lope is more like a horse than a mule. His head is nicely chiseled being small with an almond shaped eye. His ears are shorter than most mules also. Hank stands for the farrier quite nicely and is halter broke. He has great ground manners. ...
Piggie Smalls is enjoying a pigs life in a foster home as part of our Adoption Ambassador Program. His Ambassador foster mom has renamed him Dexter and as a mon old pig he is a delight and endlessly entertaining. Having been introduced to her d... see more at Petfindercom... Images and contact details on Advertigo website.... Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
Adorable little peeper ready for a coop to call its own. new photo to come... see more at Petfinder... Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
Organically raised brown egg laying chickens - mo. old - . each - -- Photos and contact information on Advertigo website.... Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
Have owned this Mule yrs and have taken him to the mountain times my children have rode him in the mountains packed many elk on him he is a little pushy with ground work selling because the children are all grown up and g... Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
Fred and George. yr old bonded cart mules rescued from the kill pen. Trained previously to a cart standing at .. Healthy precious easy keepers. Please contact --XXXX for any details.... see more at Petfinder... Photos and contact info on Advertigo website.
We rescued sweet little Duncan from a slaughterhouse where he lie near death in the muck of a kill pen. Once we realized he was still alive we rushed him to the rescue. He was so sick and weak that it took him almost a week before he could even stand on his own. Day by day he grew stronger and has made an amazing recovery Today he is happy healthy and the best of friends with Lucky another youn...
Just like her namesake this girl is a survivor Rescued from a local slaughterhouse back in June she was the train wreck of the rescue she was in very poor physical condition. She was very thin loosing her hair and caked in muck. However she was full of life from the get go She has made an amazing recovering and is now thriving She may be small but she has a spunky side and is very very wonderfu...
Beckham amp Boom are lively active and adorable Oberhasli boys. They are currently weeks old and have been bottle raised at the rescue since they were just days old and will soon be ready for their forever home Nice secure fencing is a must for all goats especially babies These will make the best barnyard pets they are such cute boys and they love attion. They are the best of friends and must b...
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